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Monday, May 22, 2017

4th Annual 28 Chain Salute! Normal Registration Opens May 30th!

Check out our flyer below!

Early registration opens tomorrow (May 23rd) @ 8pm for the 28 Chain Salute!
This event will sell out during normal registration so we recommend trying to register early!
28 Chain Saturday:
28 Chain Sunday:
Devens Womens Open:
Want to register early? We allow early registration for those players who get a woman to register for the Devens Women's Open! Players who try to sign up tomorrow will be asked, "What woman in the Devens Women's Open is sponsoring your early registration for 28 Chain Salute?" Any player who does not answer this question with a name won't be allowed to register and will have to wait till normal registration opens.
Normal registration for 28 Chain is May 30th @ 8pm!