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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dig Out Wrap up

We would like to say Thank You again for the incredible show of support. It is a great feeling to see a sold out 96 player tournament on any occasion, but it felt even more special knowing that everyone was there in support of the The Hawks Nest. It really meant a lot seeing everyone out there today; thank you again. We hope that everyone had a good time and didn't make too many enemies from the "Worst Disc" portion of the tournament. :) Because of all of you, the doors are staying open and we will be able to order new inventory. Hooray!!

Congratulations to Joe Decarolis and Bob Tuttle for hitting Ace's on Holes #10 & 11 respectively. They got to split a $175 ace pot. Also, congratulations to the winners of each division: Aaron Kaczowka & Sam Henderson in the Open division (winning the 3 way playoff), Jimmy Coakley & Mike D'Alio in the AM division (hot round of the day 70), and Kat Gray & Ken Gary in the Mixed division (also won the least total letters in their names award).

Special Thanks to all the sponsors and donations we received, what an amazing disc golf community we have at Devens!!



A. Kaczowka/S. Henderson         72 (Won playoff)
M. Stroika/M. Livermore             72
P. Nevius/D. Phillips                     72
J. Decarolis/C. Johnson                73
E. Rose/E. Zarazinski                   74
L. Adolph/A. Little                       76
B. Arnell/P. Vilmorin                    77
J. Rodenhizer/D. Mullett               79
J. Sheehy/N. Eisenberg                  79
M. Duci/J. St Denis                        80
A. Stander/J. Buonsanto                 80
K. Jenkins/F. Enman                       82
T. Dyer/ B. DeCosta                       82
C. Pickering/D. Onners                   85
R. Shevlin/C. Mergz                       85
F. Sullivan/R. Goodwin                  88

J. Coakley/M. Dalio                        70
A. Blanchard/A. Brunell                 78
B. Maxwell/P. D'agostino               78
J. Fougere/B. Tuttle                        79
C. White/A. Virgile                         81
B. Hollywood/A. Stewart               81
A. Brunell/M. Charron                    83
G. Babineau/ A. Jasper                    84
M. Kisil/J. Koproski                        84
S. Wood/N. Peterson                        84
N. Manley/B. Geddes                      85
A. Sartelle/J. Laliberte                     86
S. Day/E. Osvold                             87
D. Tucker/S. Coyne                         88
C. Manley/L. Manley                      89
B. Norris/D. Zwart                           92
K. Jones/D. Noel                              94
J. Nieman/B. Biker                           94
J. Jenkins/D. Pierce                          94
D. Sambol/M. Striker                       94
J. Salamone/B. Ross                         96
R. Scruton/M. Padilla                       97
A. McNaught/Z. DiRocco                107


K. Gray/K. Gary                               82
E. Poore/A. Stewart                          84
A. Foley/J. Cleary                             85
A. Toomey/T. Mazlowski                 86
C. Lancaster/M. Hladick                   87
K. Krieser/D. Neumann                    92
M. Reynolds/B. Reynolds                 97
J. Cleary/D. Cleary                           100
A. Sartelle/G. Williams                    107