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Thursday, November 3, 2016

First Annual Veteran's Day Doubles for Charity!
Come play doubles next Friday, November 11th at Devens! 
Teams will play one round of doubles on The General plus 6 extra holes on The Hill
Two Important Notes: 
-You must play in a foursome, so find another team to play with!
-50% of all entry fees will be donated to a charity supporting veterans! The total amount and charity selected will be announced as soon as we know!
Other details:
-Your team can play your round ANY TIME on Veteran's Day after checking in at the Hawk's Nest (after 8am)
-You can play with whatever team you want if you agree to the same starting time. You must play as a foursome, so find another team!
-$40 per amateur or mixed gender team, PLAYING FOR CASH
-$50 per pro team, PLAYING FOR CASH
-Final results will be posted online once the sun goes down and all groups have finished!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hawktoberfest 2016!
Our prize list is always growing!

We'll have prizes from:
-Straight-up cash!
-Hawk's Nest Disc Golf
-Dynamic Discs
-Westside Discs
-Latitude 64

Flying Dreams brewery will be providing prizes as well! You may recognize Flying Dreams brewery from the Vibram Open on the Pro Tour, where they brewed Pond Hopper especially for that event!

Hometown Major League Ultimate team: The Boston Whitecaps! They'll be providing some prizes as well for this one!

Cisco Brewery from Nantucket will provide prizes as well! If you've ever had a Grey Lady or Whale Tail then you've enjoyed Cisco!

And more (secret) prizes in the works!

Reminder: We have sold out one complete course already! Get your registrations in soon to make sure you don't miss out on the action!

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Hawk's Nest at Devens Presents... 

Hawktoberfest Doubles!
Devens, MA (The Hill & The General)

Mark your calendars! Set your alarms because this one sells out!

Saturday, October 15th, 2015
Registration Opens Tuesday, September 13th at 7pm
Register Here:

Event Summary: 
This will be a good one! With the Hawk's Nest re-opened this tournament will be the best Hawktoberfest ever! We'll have new sponsors! We'll have great prizes! We'll pay out 100% to pros and everyone is guaranteed to have a great time!

Tournament Director:
Chris Collette
Assistant Directors: Ben Moulton & Hawk's Nest Staff 

Two rounds of Best Disc Doubles!
One round on "The Hill" & one round on "The General"
72 Teams maximum (36 on each course)

Cost per team:
$60 for Pro Open,
$50 for Mixed (1 male, 1 female)
$50 for AM Division
$5 per person Ace Pot

Check-In from 8:00am to 9:00am
Players starting on "The General" - players meeting 9:00am, first round 9:15am
Players starting on "The Hill" - players meeting 9:30am, first round 9:45am

Tournament Central will be near Hole #1 of The Hill.
Deven's Pizza & Subs will be there to take lunch orders from 8am - 9am

-100% Cash payout to Pro Open division.
-50% Cash payout, 50% Hawk's Bucks "Funny Money" & Players Pack to Mixed Division
-Hawk's Bucks & Players Pack to AM Division
Trophies for the winning teams in each division

The first round will offer $10 hole sponsorships. Choose your starting hole!

If you can't make it, email by end of the day Monday Oct. 10th for a full refund.
* After that date you will only receive 50% of your entry fee back.
* If you do not show on game day, you won't get anything back nor get a player pack (even if you send an email or call that morning). Thank you for sponsoring the tournament! 

Chris Collette

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hawks Nest Store Re-Opening!

Update: The Hawk's Nest has re-opened!

Find more info on our Facebook page!

Chris Collette
Owner, Hawk's Nest

Friday, June 24, 2016

Innova Back in Stock!

We have replenished our Innova inventory today. Stop by and check out the purdy new plastic.

Monday, June 13, 2016


So we will be putting in an order form Innova on Friday evening, if there is anything specific you would like us to order or see us carry in the shop please feel free to post a comment below. When requesting something please be as detailed as possible maybe even multiple color choices.  Please and thank you

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Finally, the moment most of you has been waiting for!

We have restocked on trilogy and mvp. Including a couple of the black hole baskets, the octane and nitro. These things are beefy! Also lots of new plastic from our friends across the pond, like the super soft judges and wardens.

Friday, June 10, 2016

New England Team Challenge - Ladies Divisional Championship

The Hawk's Nest had the opportunity to attend the New England Team Challenge Ladies Divisional Championship on the weekend of May 21st & 22nd at Hunt's Mean 18 in Rindge, NH. It was a great time and we brought a couple cameras to document the event.  After a few weeks of editing, the video has finally been completed. It was a lot of fun putting this together. If you were in attendance that weekend, you can relive some of the fun. If you were not able to make it, you can now see what you missed and what everyone has been talking about.

Special Thanks to Julie Ferdella of New England Women's Disc Golf, Kelly Jenkins, Sarah Alves, Kat Gray, Amy Street, Kristina Draegar & Jeremy Draeger.

Extra Special thanks to the Shirtless Jew for putting together one hell of a weekend! Amazing job my friend.

Please Follow the Youtube link and Enjoy!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Alright everybody the moment you have been waiting for has arrived! Paul McBeth and Nate Sexton will be coming to Devens DGC on Tuesday June 28th.

We will except upto 142 players, we will be using both courses so when you sign up please specify which course you will be playing. Also we will be implementing the league handicap For the general.
You will be able to sign up via cash at the Hawks Nest, during Devens league nights, and day of the event. We understand that if Paul and Nate play that there will be people that would rather spectate than play, this is ok but we do ask that you would still sign up and get the disc and enjoy the clinic afterwards.  So let's keep the course looking clean and show them why our community is so awesome.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finally the day has arrived, Innova is here!

Just got our newest order of Innova in today , including the new colossus and stud. Plus we also picked up a bunch of the new metal flake disc, tee bird 3, thunderbird and gator. We have also replenished our supply of bags and straps. After a close examination of the new Innova hero backpack I gotta say this thing is pretty sweet and probably the most bang for your buck. Come on down and check it out for yourself.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Time to order innova!

Hey everybody its spring and there is disc golf in the air. We will be ordering innova this coming week so if there is anything special you would like please feel free to hoot us a message. Anything, bags, baskets ,specific disc don't be shy.  Colors are always tough but weights and plastic types are do-able.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gateway is here!

Got the new swirly wizards, some glow voodoo, even got a couple of those super heavyweight training wizards.  285 grams this thing is a brick. Glad that snow didn't last cause it is officially tournament season.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Snow day!!

Sorry folks due to the snow today the shop will not be open. We will be back up and running tomorrow business as usual.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lets help support a local course!




Saturday  April 23,2016

Everything is in place...Nefa Points...

PDGA C-tier...

Custom stamped discs have been ordered...

The Online Reg is Open at this link... RI Disc Championships 2016

Hope that you may have time in your schedule to join us playing our favorite sport...

2 rounds of singles disc golf...
One round of Most time Aloft after the 2nd round...before awards...

Big Thanks to those who have already signed up to be part of the 2016 Overall RI Flying Disc Championships...

More details on the reg site or at our Ninigret Dic Golf page:

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Back to normal hours!

Hey everyone, we are back to our normal summer hours and today is the first official night of devens league. That being said, the shop will be closing a half hour before devens league on Wednesdays. So today we will close at four. If you can't make it before league Marc or I will always be willing to open up after league is over. Lets get ready for a great season.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Trilogy is here and they came to party.

All kinds of new plastic. It's that time of year to dig your bag out of the closet and come fill it with all these new fresh discs.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dig Out Wrap up

We would like to say Thank You again for the incredible show of support. It is a great feeling to see a sold out 96 player tournament on any occasion, but it felt even more special knowing that everyone was there in support of the The Hawks Nest. It really meant a lot seeing everyone out there today; thank you again. We hope that everyone had a good time and didn't make too many enemies from the "Worst Disc" portion of the tournament. :) Because of all of you, the doors are staying open and we will be able to order new inventory. Hooray!!

Congratulations to Joe Decarolis and Bob Tuttle for hitting Ace's on Holes #10 & 11 respectively. They got to split a $175 ace pot. Also, congratulations to the winners of each division: Aaron Kaczowka & Sam Henderson in the Open division (winning the 3 way playoff), Jimmy Coakley & Mike D'Alio in the AM division (hot round of the day 70), and Kat Gray & Ken Gary in the Mixed division (also won the least total letters in their names award).

Special Thanks to all the sponsors and donations we received, what an amazing disc golf community we have at Devens!!



A. Kaczowka/S. Henderson         72 (Won playoff)
M. Stroika/M. Livermore             72
P. Nevius/D. Phillips                     72
J. Decarolis/C. Johnson                73
E. Rose/E. Zarazinski                   74
L. Adolph/A. Little                       76
B. Arnell/P. Vilmorin                    77
J. Rodenhizer/D. Mullett               79
J. Sheehy/N. Eisenberg                  79
M. Duci/J. St Denis                        80
A. Stander/J. Buonsanto                 80
K. Jenkins/F. Enman                       82
T. Dyer/ B. DeCosta                       82
C. Pickering/D. Onners                   85
R. Shevlin/C. Mergz                       85
F. Sullivan/R. Goodwin                  88

J. Coakley/M. Dalio                        70
A. Blanchard/A. Brunell                 78
B. Maxwell/P. D'agostino               78
J. Fougere/B. Tuttle                        79
C. White/A. Virgile                         81
B. Hollywood/A. Stewart               81
A. Brunell/M. Charron                    83
G. Babineau/ A. Jasper                    84
M. Kisil/J. Koproski                        84
S. Wood/N. Peterson                        84
N. Manley/B. Geddes                      85
A. Sartelle/J. Laliberte                     86
S. Day/E. Osvold                             87
D. Tucker/S. Coyne                         88
C. Manley/L. Manley                      89
B. Norris/D. Zwart                           92
K. Jones/D. Noel                              94
J. Nieman/B. Biker                           94
J. Jenkins/D. Pierce                          94
D. Sambol/M. Striker                       94
J. Salamone/B. Ross                         96
R. Scruton/M. Padilla                       97
A. McNaught/Z. DiRocco                107


K. Gray/K. Gary                               82
E. Poore/A. Stewart                          84
A. Foley/J. Cleary                             85
A. Toomey/T. Mazlowski                 86
C. Lancaster/M. Hladick                   87
K. Krieser/D. Neumann                    92
M. Reynolds/B. Reynolds                 97
J. Cleary/D. Cleary                           100
A. Sartelle/G. Williams                    107

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Hawk's Nest "Dig Out" Doubles Fundraiser Tournament

The Hawk's Nest "DIG OUT"
Doubles Fundraiser Tournament

For the past 2 years, The Hawk's Nest has been your local pro shop and sport promoter. We provide maintenance to the course as well as work hard to keep it clean. We hold clinics, teach classes and even host birthday parties. We have run tournaments and leagues and offer alternate (quicker) access to both courses.  For those that play Team Challenge, it is a place to warm up, dry off and enjoy an excellent lunch spread. It has been our pleasure to do all we can to help support and promote Devens Disc Golf and the sport of Disc Golf in general. Now The Hawk's Nest could use your support!

Winter is an especially difficult time to keep our doors open. It costs us more to keep the shop open than the money we are bringing in through sales. As you can imagine, this is not something we can sustain and there is a very real chance that we may need to close our doors for good. With your support this may not need to happen. We are hoping that by holding a fundraiser tournament, it will at least give us the funds needed to make it to Spring where the warmer weather will hopefully bring us back to where we need to be. We are putting together a fun, one of a kind tournament that will not only give everyone a reason to come play some winter disc golf, but will also help raise some money for us to keep our doors open for all of you. We hope you will come show your support of The Nest and sign up for what is going to be an incredibly fun and unique tournament.

Please Click the link to get all the information about the tournament:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

21st RI Frostbite Classic

Hey Everyone, Our good friend T.M. Dyer is hosting the 21st RI Frostbite Classic on Saturday February 13th. It's a really fun time and I reccomend anyone who has the availability to go check it out and support T.M. Here is all the info:

21st RI Frostbite Classic / Ice Bowl 2016Saturday 13 February, 2016Ninigret Park, Charlestown RI
Trophies Only
Just Four Divisions - Open - Juniors - Ladies - Men. All divisions play 1 round from each tee, 3 rounds totalWe all Play from the Red Tees...Play the White Tees...Break for Lunch...Play the Blue Tees...

Here is the link to the online registration...

$23.00 per person/all divisions ( + DGU charges to register online, and there is the option for a $2.00 Ace pot). Go to DGU link listed to pay online, use the "Register" button, and it will give you prompts to register. This is not a PDGA event, but you can use your DGU or PDGA info to fill in the registration form. There are no cash payouts, but there is COOL SCHWAG lined up to be given as awards. This event supports the RI Food Bank ( so bring a couple cans of food), and the Ninigret Disc Golf course fund.

Open to all players!
8:00am - Registration/Lunch order (Kingston Pizza)8:45am - Players meeting9:15am - First round begins12:30pm - Lunch2:00pm - Round Two

Awards at the Community Center...
Questions???Need Answers???
Call 401-255-3747 or email

link to the Ningret Disc Golf facebook page...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Innova Order

Happy New Year everyone! We will be ordering discs from Innova next week. If there is anything special you would like, please let us know and we will  order it for you.